[ Jur ] was born in Geleen, The Netherlands, in 1980.

Music guided his way from the early years.
When he was about 11 years old he was combining lyrics with music and made special tapes of these stories he was making.
A very creative way to express what he was going to do 10 years later.

The experiences he had during club nights in The Netherlands, Belgium and UK gave him a totally other view of music and his interests in music became much stronger than before. It was just a mather of time before he started mixing himself.
At his first Ibiza experience in 2002 he got the inspiration for his first mix tape called [ Approved ]. Due some very good reactions about the promo it took only a few months before he had his first dj gig.

Spinning @ Nightlive, Lazzura, The Jack and the basement department of a big warehouse (Chill Out) where the first places he spreaded his idea of what music is all about.
In 2004 he took part at a DJ contest organized by Crazy Feelings and he finished third in the semi finals ! In 2005 [ Jur ] became resident of the well known Groovemaster tour organised by B2control. And later in 2006 he was also booked for their new concept : Girls Love House. In November that year [ Jur ] was special guest at the radio show from Dj Mogwai at Falcon Radio. Due to this succes, [ Jur ] started his own radio show in the beginning of 2007 titled :

[ Jur ] presents Home Sessions
This weekly, and now monthly radio show features the very best deep house, progressive, indie dance & tech house tracks released worldwide.

He reaches his distinguishing style by his extraordinary choice of records. He always tries to tell something with his music and with a great build-up in his sets he connects with the crowd every time.

His life is all about music. It puts him into another world just by hearing it and he wants to share this feeling with other people.
Join him every 1st Friday of the month between 21:00 and 22:00 (CET) @ Falcon Radio or tune in live via the app

If you have any questions or promo’s which can be played please send an email to info@homesessions.nl
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